Duplicative / Black / Colored Matrix Screenshots

(Susan Downing) #1

In my first few uses (Feb 6), I had no trouble with screenshots, but now I’m getting a couple of errors.

  1. I take one “snapshot”, but get many images recorded on my phone and on the PC.  This is true whether the snapshot is initiated by my phone ap or by the F10 key (I think that’s the right one).

  2. Many of the images are all black, nothing to see.  True for both phone and PC.

  3. Some of the images have been composed entirely of small boxes that are many colors of the rainbow.

Has anyone else seen this?  I don’t think I’ve changed my PC setup in the time frame from expected behavior to the quirkiness, but it is possible a new phone ap version upgrade occurred in that time.  FWIW, I have had other display crashes of my wireless projection to the TV, so don’t know if this issue is related to that, though I do think I’ve tried taking screenshots with projection off and had at least some of the same issues.