Duplicate activity and corrupt .fit file [August 2023]

Hello… I had to resume an activity due to a power down… all good, no problems resuming, all was showing great but now I have two activities, one before power down and another one with the correct time, but the timeline is flat, the avg speed is messed up… etc, and when I export it to strava for example it shows only the activity before resuming. Any ideas how to fix it? Can’t even find a freaking place to report the issue or talk with zwift…

Try using FitFileTools.com to merge the two files.

Even though there are two activities, both have the same time, even strava says they are the same.

This is the activity… it says 2:20 but it was only 2h roughly… and the timeline only goes up to minute 8… is bugged

I agree that there is an issue with the whole ‘resume activity’ process. I had a crash in the middle of my ride yesterday, and selected to resume it. I ended up with two different activities in my Zwift feed (one showing the pre-crash distance and a second showing the full distance), but the .fit file for both activities is identical, as is the activity map (both showing just the pre-crash data). No real sense in asking if we want to resume the activity if Zwift isn’t actually going to do that.

The worst is that I can’t find a way to talk with zwift support… only these damn ambassadors, what tf is even that… the guy didn’t even know I could download the fit file from my feed page. This is clearly a bug and they make us talk with enthusiasts? what the hell… a paid service with no support, that’s fun.

Guess the feature is there now, but its trash… I had to resume a workout and now I have two incorrect activities and corrupt fit files. In my feed page one of the workouts actually shows that I rode 50k in 2h… but the fit file only shows 7 minutes. The support ambassador said its normal and I must trust him because he is an enthusiast. Well done for a paid service…

Hello @Shakawkaw

Thanks for flagging this up. We’ve heard several other reports of duplicate activities and corrupt FIT files from Zwifters who have resumed an activity. We’re investigating the causes.

If others have similar symptoms - please let us know the circumstances that led up to your case. Thanks.

Hi. Today I was in a race and when I was 500 meters before the end of a 40kms race I had a disconnection of my Apple TV app. I reconnected as soon as I was able to do it and finished the 40 kms and a little more, and now I have my activity at Strava, I have my activity duplicated at Companion, but no activity at Zwift Power. This race is part of a 13 races tour and there is no possibility for repeat this race. Any solution?

I’ve talked with zwift support about the resumed activities and theres a bug which they called a tech limitation and are investigating further but no solutions at this time.

The first part of the activity seems to be saved fine but the second part might get lost.

Hi, again. Today I had a lot of micro disconnections. I think the disconnection is between Apple TV and my tablet with the Companion App because during disconnections I can see the Zwifters on the right of the screen with their numbers of w/kg and distance to me working ok, so I think it is not a problem with the Internet conection. I use the app Companion to connect the smart trainer, controlable, cadence and heart rate to Apple TV.
I had a long disconnection at the end of the race but it connected again after 40 seconds and I could end the race and it was ok at zwiftpower.