Drops counter stalling and frozen pedestrians [Jan 2023] [1.33]

No drops and no XPs for me now (after level 60)! Zwift really is spoiling us :rofl:

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No drops since updated, Zwift on Windows 10 PC with iPhone Companion app for Bluetooth.

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The drops counter is definitely broken with the update. It only works if you get a ride on from a fellow rider then it stops just like you describe. There seem to be a couple of other triggers but I was never looking at it when it started back up. One seems to be a sudden high wattage effort, like a sprint or real uphill effort. I restarted twice on the Robo Pacer ride after updating and the third time just lived with it when I saw chat comments and I realized everyone was having the same problem. My game settings were all messed up right after starting the first ride. I had to go through all my settings and reset my bike in the garage. I was back on the Zwift standard bike instead of the Tron without realizing it. Worst time I have had after an update.


Same on ATV on free rides, pace partner rides and on a race this morning after 1.33 update installed.

Also stalling drops :droplet: :droplet: :cry::cry:

Drops broken.

I only got drops on an incline above 5%.

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Might help. Riders using ATV or Win11 seemed to be okay on the Frozen Drops issue. PC Win10 (I use WIn10) seemed to be having the problem. Don’t know if this is the same for ERG mode or not

Awesome, there’s the new feature, no drops. How on earth did this pass any QA testing?


I’m on WIN11 and it’s frozen

Yup same. Mostly frozen drops. I mean it’s snowing out but I should be able to collect a snowball.

I’m also on Win11 and drops are frozen for me.

So this really sucks eggs. I download the new release this morning and rode but my drop counter was not changing. After I did a TdZ ride I then signed into a robopacer and still no counting upwards. What is going on? This needs to be fixed ASAP

I’m frozen at 38,595,692. Most of my rides are pace partners. I hope this gets fixed today!


After the download of the new release my drop counter stopped working!!! Not a good thing at all. I hope Zwift is aware of it.

Ditto, race yesterday, RGV, no drops.

Crikey, I’m only on 4,000,000-odd and I’m already in a “WGAF about drops” mindset. I get that it’s important for very new Zwifters, but this is one aspect of the buggy update that really doesn’t affect me personally in the slightest.


Just to give more data, drops worked for me just now in a quick test.

Saris H3, Win 10 via BT, just jumped onto the beginning of Road to Sky. Drops counting up seemingly normally.

If there was any doubt that Zwift doesn’t do much real-world testing before pushing out a release, this bug closes that debate.


Drops not incrementing consistently or reliably after 25Jan2023 update.
I have 12.5m drops, and L52.
This was during a programmed workout and also in free ride mode in Watopia.
MacOS 13.1 on 2018 MBP.
Ant+ to HRM and Wahoo Kickr v5.

I’m at around 4 million drops too and already have everything worth buying, didn’t even notice if mine were frozen or not yesterday but will keep an eye on it today. Definitely sucks for the majority of users who still need to accumulate drops though, and that’s a massive bug to miss in QA.