Drops, climbed meters Everest challenge and kit disappeared

Hi! I train at 2 different locations with 2 different Apple TVs but with the same account. This afternoon at about 12:00 I did ZAR22 Workout 6 and did it with my Team Vegan Kit on, when I ended the ride I had 461.501 drops and had a total of 26002 meters climbed. Now at 18.30 in the evening I went to my other Apple TV and was confused to see that my avatar no longer had the Team Vegan Kit on and couldn’t find it in my garage either, my meters climbed are down to like 24000 and my drops are down to 401.229. I mention the 2 apple TVs as I think the issue might be related to this, last weekend I did an Alpe du Zwift climb at Apple TV B and the climbed meters never registered on my companion app.

In my profile screenshot you can see the current amount of 401.229 drops, the workout screenshot to show when I did it and the screenshot during the workout to show the amount of drops accumulated during the ride and wearing the team vegan kit. Obviously nothing has been purchased.

Are you force closing the Zwift app on each ATV after every session? It could be that there is something lingering on ATV1 to keep the app from fully closing and updating that data, so when you go to ATV2 you are seeing ‘stale’ data.

AFAIK, the only data housed ‘locally’ is your power curve and in-game settings. (This may not be correct, though.)

Hm, now that you mention it, when I clicked on Zwift today on my second ATV (2) (after my afternoon ride on my ATV 1) it went straight to the menu, it didn’t properly “launch” with the blue backdrop and big Z and then ask me to select account. Last time I used that ATV (2) was on Sunday, so it might have stayed “on” in some way all week while I was using my ATV 1. So did it not update all the rides I did all week (3 rides)? This is so confusing.