Dropouts every 20 seconds on Kickr Bike with PC

Been riding Zwift for a few years. Windows PC with ANT+ dongle. Kickr Bike with Headwind and Garmin HRM-Dual.

No issues for months. Recently was trying to get steering working, which meant I changed the connection settings a couple of times (because steering only works on Bluetooth) and over the last few weeks Steering has said it’s active, but it doesn’t work in game. Anyway, that’s not the issue.

Recently changed wifi network and mobile phone. Had to set up Wahoo app and bike/headwind again.

Today, was getting 1 second drop outs every 20 seconds. Really weird and very frustrating. Played around with settings while riding, including connected by Bluetooth etc, but although at times it seemed better, it remained.

I’m pretty sure the same thing was happening yesterday in a workout in ERG mode.

Zwiftalizer analysis is done. Not sure how to send it here. However, image below is screenshot of power in game, and you can see regular power drops.

If you can’t post a link in the forum, you should be able to mangle the link and post it (eg change https to httpX or add spaces in the hostname)

on ANT+ are you using the FE-C mode?
I would often get very repetitive dropouts when not using FEC, not sure why but that’s what it did.

I use the FE-C mode on with kickr bike and the Apple version of a PC (an Intel Xeon X5690 powered 2010 Mac Pro) using the Garmin ANT+ USB dongle.

Is anything conflicting with your ant+?

I have steering going via Zwift Play so the Kickr Bike steering remains unpaired.

This is most likely the reason for you dropouts…if you can use 5g and avoid 2.4g.

I didn’t know about FE-C but after one ride this morning, I think that might have been the issue. No dropouts today at all.

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