Dropouts and unstable power on ERG mode

I set up my new Direto XR today and after a few minutes it lost connection to my laptop (bluetooth connection) and I had to unpair it from zwift to get it to reconnect. When it was connected I tried out ERG mode and in a 310 watt effort, the power was jumping from 240w-390w so +/- ~70w at a steady cadence.

This was after updating the firmware and performing a spindown calibration after 10 mins of riding to warm it up. Are both issues connected? If it is due to poor bluetooth will getting ant+ dongle help?

I am using ANT+ and it is very solid.

i have also used a Bluetooth dongle on an extension cord and that worked well, but had some issues when connecting Bluetooth headphones Ashwell.

We have two setups in the same room both with ANT+ and extension cables.

I see, if I get an ant+ dongle should I use it with an extention cable or since there are no other ant+ signals, will it have better range?

Get the exstention