Drop Event

I did search but not seeing anything to drop an event to avoid the popups. Apparently I joined an event without realizing and when I moved on…Popups. How do I stop the popups or drop the event when I am busy riding something else?

open the companion app and un-register for the event, click on the green check mark and it should turn back into a red plus sign.

Thanks. i looked in CA and could not find a thing related…but I do admit all I use with CA is “Ride Ons” and “U turns” . Not good at navigating through the app.

all events you are signed up for should be on the home page of the app when you open it

OK…I sign up for events, typically, 7 minutes before they start. Fluctuating schedule means I only do spur of the moment.

Thanks for your help.

Once the event has started it will disappear and you can’t unregister for it. If it has late join then you will get pop ups for 30 minutes unfortunately.