Draws in Zwift racing (Finish and primes)

I saw a rather remarcable result in the " DIRT Racing Series - EMEA W - Sa Calobra - High End - Stage 1" on Tuesday ( the end of the ZP-link to the race is “events.php?zid=3316654”)

On the FTS for the Mall Sprint Reverse in C-category the 7th and 8th place are identical down to the third digit:

This made me wonder if there is any possibility at all to get a draw in a Zwift Race. How many (hidden) decimal places is Zwift keeping and what happens when all of them are equal? Will we actually get a draw or is ranking done on some other (hidden/undocumented) criteria?

I could be going mad but I’m sure I’ve seen draws in zwift racing. Maybe I’m dreaming but it shows something like 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 4th in results when the 2nd two riders draw.

ZP I think is random possibly just alphabetical if it’s a draw

It’s done on Zwift ID.


I know I’m biased - but that is some epicly close racing. :sunglasses:

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Got to be done on something I guess!
0.0001s benefit for being an early signup.

Thanks! So we’re behind in the Dirt Series due to later signup to Zwift. That is epicly close racing :sunglasses: