Drag Racing

My cycle friends are always competing with stats trying to figure out who has the most power. I wish
there was a Zwift side game for drag racing to settle this once and for all.

The moderator of a drag race would set parameters such as distance (500m, 1k and 2k sprint), rolling
start (on/off), number of racers, incline amount etc. The race would start with a
traffic light style starter that flashes from red to green. Participants from 2 - 8 would
race down a straightaway at max power to a finish line. Most wattage and speed win wings on helmet or socks.

Flag with a thumbs up (ride-on) if you like this idea and would like the developers to consider creating it .

The best side by side race would probably start at the 1 km banner in London and end at the finish line. You can simply race for the best sprint time for a number of riders with a slow rolling start. A two up elimination style would be similar to track racing. To have a two up sprint with a timer on the finish line, you would need a race organizer to set it up.
There are a few rare races that are from one to four kilometers. You race from the gun to the finish line. That’s what we have right now at least.

These types of event are great fun. Especially when in an Omnium format.

I was about to post something similar…
Lets put some weight on your tread instead…!

Design a linear road for sprinters and/or time-trial (Drag-Racing)

  • Allows fixed distance sprints competition (1km to 100km)
  • Allows maximization of the power-curve on a flat surface (you chose the distance to max-out)
  • Allow 1 hour distance challenge (or other duration)
  • Allow various distance time-trials

Similarly, build a few Linear Fixed-gradients climb (5-10-15…%)

  • Allow fixed distance climbing races
  • Allow 1 hour climbing challenge (or even Everesting?)