Drafting suggestion

(Stuart Davis) #1

I’m really struggling with drafting.

I’m not using a smart trainer but a Wattbike, so I have to adjust the resistance and back-off/accelerate manually.

I generally find I make an effort to close the gap to riders that pass me, but then just end up shooting past, then back off the power, they then shoot past and I have to do a big effort again.

What i’m missing is any indication of how close I am to the rider in front and how much I should be reducing my power to compensate for the draft effect.

I’d like to see a little bar gauge somewhere that will indicate to me how I should be adjusting my effort to maintain the slipstream.

Perhaps a little + and - symbol should appear to indicate when I need to fractionally up or decrease my power, so I can react in time and not lose the wheel or overshoot.