Drafting in the peloton needs to be reduced

Not sure what happened but it is far too easy to sit in the peloton at high speeds.  Either the drafting feature needs to be adjusted or the peloton’ speed needs recalibration.  It is not realistic for the peloton to travel at 27-30+ mph with little effort.  This really damages race dynamics and fun.  It doesn’t need to be a significant adjustment but one to make it more realistic so racing is more fun physically…and more importantly for the mind.

I do not agree. Drafting feature is cool! If you don’t like drafting, there are a lot non-drafting TT races every day and night.

Drafting is great - totally agree.  But not when it is so unrealistic.  The drafting algo needs modification to better represent the real world.

Wind tunnel tests show 45% effort saved riding directly behind compared to riding alone. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7NtNa6z_fc

Do you have bigger numbers in Zwift?

Well that answers alot.  Used to think I was getting passed by a group of superstars.  Secret’s out now.  I need to get some friends to ride with.  Lol.