DQ for 5MIN/20MIN

Over the last month I have been automatically DQ’d in two races for tripping the 5 minute (550w) and 20 minute (450w) power thresholds. I dual recorded using a secondary power device and worked with Zwift Support, so I was able to reinstate the results within a few weeks. Because of my weight, the threshold for auto DQ is only 5.12 w/kg. Yes I realize this is a good performance, but this is not a pro tour performance. If everyone over 5.0 w/kg had to go through this process, it would be a little more accepting. Having to email Zwift Support or track down the race directors on a regular basis to correct ZP race results gives the impression that I am a shady rider.

ZwiftID: 476686
Current FTP: 459w (5.3 w/kg)
Current weight: 87.9 kg

Is there an exceptions list that I can be placed onto should I provide sufficient data/results/videos to prove my performances are accurate? @xflintx - I was told you may be able to help.


480w for 20mins? That makes me hurt thinking about it…

There can’t be many people stronger than you on zwift?

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Or real life…


(Un)fortunately, there are a lot.

Plugged it into cyclinganalytics FTP calculator. (480x0.95=456)

5,3wkg FTP is exceptional. Puts you already in domestic Pro spectrum according to Master Coggan.

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5.3w/kg is a very different beast at 70kg versus 90kg


You are right, but from the perspective of us mortals, both are in the super beasts category. One may be super great best and the other one a super super great beast.
We are talking about exceptional performances anyhow.

Felippo Ganna is 82kg and his FTP is rumoured to be around 450w.

I prefer ‘legendary’ or ‘mythical’


I think there was a mistake. 5,3wkg seems to be the 20 minutes performance

Filippo Ganna’s FTP is measured at a full 60 minutes though. Normal people only sustain FTP test efforts for 20 minutes and are grateful for the formula that suggests your power o ly drops of 5% between a 20-min vs 60-min ride. Good luck. :wink:

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Nothing to do with anything!

(Un)fortunately, nothing mystical. Rather common in Watopia to have 20 minutes at 5,6wkg.


Linear work-duration model gives a CP (=FTP) of 417 W, or 4.74 W/kg. W’ = 40 kJ, or 455 J/kg. The latter is really more impressive than the former - have you ever tried the pursuit?


Dr. Coggan?

prove it

Welcome to the Forum @Andrew_Coggan (Love your work)

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Mike we are in for a treat,

What is the best forum topic that we should point Dr Coggan to?

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My investments in 2022 flopped but registering to Zwift forum seems to be the exception.

Also I always wondered what would happen with decent wkg (5) but with 100kg weight.
Breaks the Zwift code, what happens :slight_smile:

I’d try my hand at the hour record to quiet the naysayers.


Hallelujah and amen!!!