DQ flag 'ESS' on a ride?

Hi what does the DQ flag “ESS” mean on a ride?
100+ riders were flagged on a ride (not a race) earlier this week, including me.
I finished 1s ahead of ride leader and 3s ahead of sweep, both of which didn’t get the flag.
What did I do wrong??

ESS - Being too far ahead of beacon/leader at start of Expresso lap.

I assume this was a mistake on how the event was setup, I don’t see anything in the description of your ride that would indicate an Expresso lap.

Thanks Mike
Whats an Expresso lap?
There was no mention in connection with this ride

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It is kind of like a race lap at the end of a group ride, some events will have a description like this:
group ride formatted to allow a steady 2.5w/kg warmup, followed by an all out ‘Espresso segment’. Riders must be BEHIND rider leader at the start of the ‘Espresso segment’ to be included in final results. Watch in messaging closely for instructions during ride.

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Thanks Mike all clear.
Yes you’re right, must have been a mistake in the setup.