I have been unable to log in all week, today alone I had to wait 4 hours for a down load, zwift is a bogus and totally inept company. It should NEVER take more than a few minutes for a download and a download should NEVER keep you from logging in and riding. In short Zwift sucks

My post was blocked because I complained of hours long download times and the inability to log in all week because of that. Today it took 4 hours just to get past a down load. Zwift does not appreciate criticism, especially in regards to their poorly run app.

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Sounds like something is wrong with your system. Downloads should never take that long on a system that is functioning properly. I don’t think I’ve ever had an update take longer than 2 minutes. Most likely an issue on your end, not a problem with Zwift.


i downloaded it in less than 2 min. - something isn’t right with your system or set-up

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I think it was probably because you called Zwift bogus and inept without any foundation.

The downloads should only take a few minutes and not long to install based on your system - the latest one was quite a big one that took me about 5 minute to install.

It’s likely to be your computer/internet connection rather than Zwift as a platform.

I’ll probably regret this unsolicited advice, but you need to be open to the possibility that the problem is either Zwift or it’s not. When you come into the forum with guns blazing (not for the first time) it actually reduces the level of help you will get from the community. It’s understandable that you are frustrated and disappointed, but when I’m frustrated and disappointed with the product, I try to express it in a way that shows respect for the human beings who I want to help me. “Zwift are idiots” or “Zwift sucks” type of comments aren’t useful criticism - what are they supposed to do with that? Feel bad? Just explain your problem, with details of your computing environment, and you will probably get some actionable advice. That advice may not be a magic wand that fixes your problem, but that’s as good as it gets. If I ever get so angry that I feel like ranting on the forum, I’ll just cancel my subscription and move on.


And it genuinely hasn’t occurred to you that this might possibly be a problem at your end? Come off it.


Circa 5 minutes for me today. Slightly longer than normal.

At 4 hours the OP clearly has an issue their end. Totally unjustified criticism of Zwift in this case.

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They posted exactly the same last month.

Einstein springs to mind.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

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My guess is you really were looking forward to that workout, and then it was gobbled up by an elusive techno monster. My fault, Zwift’s fault, your fault, nobody’s fault, it still stung because you really needed to get in that workout in that moment. Very frustrating, and it will happen again. If not this platform, then some other one. I’ve been there, so have we all. My heart aches for that moment you suffered. As for the technical issue, more than likely it’s something on your end. But frustration can blur things when you’re really anxious to get to something you’ve been looking forward to. Take a breath and decide not to let things ruin what time you do have. Ride on. You’re human. So are backers, employees and users of Zwift.

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This is very true!