Download Zwift route data?

I am trying to find a way to download elevation data for each route. I know I can use Strava to download my activities but that would include all activity after completing a route, which I often do. I am looking for data on just the start of the route through to the end of the route.

Does anyone know how to find this? I know it has to be available as Strava and sites like VeloViewer and ZwiftMaps have detailed data including this?

When you say that you want to download this, what do you mean exactly? The data is in the FIT file that you can download from on the web.

I understand that I can download the FIT file from my activity. But would that not also include any further distance that occurs after reaching the finish of a route? I am trying to find a way to look at just the start to end of the defined routes in each world.

Go to all routes are listed there and links to Strava

You could apply for a Strava API key, call getSegmentStreams on the route’s Segment, and parse the LatLngStream, DistanceStream, and/or AltitudeStream. You used to be able to get non-athlete-specific data without having to authenticate through OAuth2, although I haven’t been able to get that to work since they introduced API v3.

I suspect – but cannot guarantee – that the AltitudeStream will return Zwift’s fictional altitudes rather than those of the underlying South Pacific geo coordinates. Code at your own risk.