Download Map possible?

(Eric Drinkuth-Abus PACK) #1

Is it possible (if allowed) to download the Map including height data etc.
Would like to try to copy it to my Tacx Trainer, so that he adjust the automatic brake accordignily to the terrian when riding Zwift?

(Craig Pate) #2

I thought the Tacx and Computrainers acted the same. My CT is basically controlled by the Zwift software and loads according to the grade. My friend has a Tacx and just received an invite so I’ll report back if he’s on yet. I’d like to hear from Z Support on this one.

(Eric Drinkuth-Abus PACK) #3

I am using a Taxc Fortius Trainer. This trainer is quite old and can’t deal with ANT+ correctly.
So i manually have to switch windows between Zwift and Taxc in order to adjust the Watt Power accordignly to the terrain.