Downhills and drafting (maybe specifically lightweight people?)

I am curious about your drafting algorithm going downhill, I know that there is a disadvantage going downhill when you are lightweight, however, it seems to be extremely amplified in the Zwift game - does anyone else (who is lightweight) experience this? Basically I get totally blown away on downhills, I am drafting along nicely and the downhill comes and then even if I put in a huge huge huge effort - I am blown away! The rider takes off and I cannot hold onto the draft. To make it more like the outdoors - I’d suggest when the rider in front starts going faster - the draft effect should become stronger. and it should be easier to stay in the draft.

It is especially noticeable if you enable a feather powerup on a -9 percent downgrade… In reality, weight (or lack of) doesn’t have that much of an effect when going downhill.

Agree! While I do notice the effect of heavier rider in real life on downhill, but it’s more on the distance the heavier rider can carry the momentum, not like the explosive acceleration in the game…

I agree… The drafting effect still isn’t great and particularly bad downhill

Agreed. I get dropped all the time going downhill. I use a CompuTrainer and weigh about 143 lbs/ 64 kg.

Me too. I’m 58kg and noticed the getting dropped on downhills effect a lot today. It was the reverse on uphills, I was father. I use KICKR. Actually I can’t feel any draft ever yet on Zwift. I used to use TACX for many years and drafting effect was good with my old TACX software and trainer.