#doubledraft mod

When the organizer makes a #doubledraft race, that should cut the weight by half as well to even things up!

Double draft has to do with drag and not weight.

Yes, that’s exactly why the addiction of a weight mod would help, to level the playing field. In #doubledraft racing, the 110lb riders have a huge advantage, in that they can sit in easily on the flat/downhill, and take off like a rocket on the climbs.

So you don’t like that #DoubleDraft is closer to riding and racing IRL?


My experience with doubledraft racing is much further from IRL racing, not closer. In real life and standard mode, I at least have a chance of dropping the 110-120lb climbers on the flat or downhill :slight_smile: but it’s all good, we should be encouraging kids to race, and if #doubledraft is the way to do it, it’s good!

That is like real world racing, I had my share of IRL racing and that is what they (the lightweights) they sit in my (my racing weight 90kg ) draft on the flat and as soon as the road go up they drop me like a sack of potatoes.

But on a flattish road with a head wind, us bigger guys could drop the pack and take a win.

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I am happy to see that Zwift is playing with the draft algorithm, I think it can be improved/tuned but i also know that it is not easy.
And I am sure now that Zwift is getting into E-sport it will.

For example, I would like to see a bigger difference in required power from the front of the pack to the back of the group. To stay at the front of a group you need to produce a lot more power than in the bunch. The thing is in zwift you can move thru another rider where in real life you have to go around and only one can move around at a time, so you have a delay in how fast the front rotate.