Donut PowerUp earned by pacing the Donut Jersey

Hello Zwifters,

I passed a rider wearing a donut jersey the other day and thought, “I want a donut :doughnut: I could use the sugar right now.”

Then I thought that would be a great incentive to pace that rider! That would mean that on a day I didn’t want to ride alone, and I didn’t want to ride the routes with a RoboPacer, I could garner company by wearing my donut jersey and dishing out Donut :doughnut: PowerUps which could then be used similar to the Lightweight PowerUp, or give you a little extra energy boost rather than a weight or friction advantage. It’s existing technology on Zwift, the jersey, the reward. It would only require a new icon to click on and donuts are fairly easy to illustrate.

Another idea was to sprinkle donuts instead of RideOns. The Donut would still give riders a little energy boost. This would still be an incentive for riders to pace the Donut Jersey. Credit goes to the Pink Cheetahs :two_hearts: :leopard: club.

The Donut Jersey is earned at Level 51 currently, and anyone wearing it is a seasoned Zwifter.

I’ve just earned my Donut Jersey.
May I sprinkle donuts now, please?