Don't force software updates prior to ride

I’m busy like everyone else … and when I have time to ride I want to ride NOW! not 15 or 20 minutes after I get a software update push.

Kills my ride and my mood – siting there waiting for the update to complete – with no idea if it’s going to be a quick update or a long one …

Allow a user to defer the update until the end of their ride

For online games the client must be up to date in order to connect to the server or you will get errors and not be able to ride at all. 

Zwift has a process that runs in the background when our PC starts. It’s always giving me a pop-up if my Internet connection is lost. It would be useful if it prompted for an update whenever it’s available. That way we might have a chance to update the SW at our convenience and before we want to run Zwift.