Don't automatically log out

It would be great if Zwift wouldn’t automatically log out when END RIDE and SAVE is selected.  Using a Wahoo Kickr I need to ride for 10 minutes before calibrating.  I have to ride for 10 minutes and end a ride, log back in and calibrate and then ride.

Completely agree! Logging back in is a real pain if you ever end and save a ride. An alternative is to not quit the ride, unpair your trainer in zwift, calibrate using the app…then impairing on the app, re-pairing in zwift and continue your ride

Also read the How to Calibrate Your Trainer post to see if that feature meets your need.

Totally agree! Even though I don’t have to recalibrate, it is annoying! I have more than once started a ride and then realized it wasn’t the one I wanted. The result is it is going to close the app and then I have to re-start (and login again, etc.). Unnecessary nuisance. Don’t automatically exit after ending the ride. Let me close the app myself.

Agree, this completely baffles me. If I do a route, complete, then want to do another specific route, it’s annoying to have to log completely out and back in.  Really should leave us logged in unless we use a specific “Log Out” option. They can still have the standard inactivity disconnect like all games do, but otherwise let me request logout.

This is without doubt the most requested feature, run close by the option to pick your course.  Both are planned but no definitive date.

Agree on need for this feature. The current situation is akin to Windows 3.1 functionality. This simply shouldn’t be happening in a paid-for product.