Don't automatically log out

(RM Desroches) #1

It would be great if Zwift wouldn’t automatically log out when END RIDE and SAVE is selected.  Using a Wahoo Kickr I need to ride for 10 minutes before calibrating.  I have to ride for 10 minutes and end a ride, log back in and calibrate and then ride.

(Bill Verdon) #2

Completely agree! Logging back in is a real pain if you ever end and save a ride. An alternative is to not quit the ride, unpair your trainer in zwift, calibrate using the app…then impairing on the app, re-pairing in zwift and continue your ride

(Steve Ellis) #3

Also read the How to Calibrate Your Trainer post to see if that feature meets your need.

(David Habz) #4

Totally agree! Even though I don’t have to recalibrate, it is annoying! I have more than once started a ride and then realized it wasn’t the one I wanted. The result is it is going to close the app and then I have to re-start (and login again, etc.). Unnecessary nuisance. Don’t automatically exit after ending the ride. Let me close the app myself.

(Larry Rawe) #5

Agree, this completely baffles me. If I do a route, complete, then want to do another specific route, it’s annoying to have to log completely out and back in.  Really should leave us logged in unless we use a specific “Log Out” option. They can still have the standard inactivity disconnect like all games do, but otherwise let me request logout.

(Stuart Middlecoate) #6

This is without doubt the most requested feature, run close by the option to pick your course.  Both are planned but no definitive date.

(M Skywalker (STW)) #7

Agree on need for this feature. The current situation is akin to Windows 3.1 functionality. This simply shouldn’t be happening in a paid-for product.