Donate Your Drops--Drops for $$

How about it Zwifters? A drop shop option to donate your drops to a good cause? The idea is that you could select to donate your drops and Zwift would in turn donate cash to a charity of your choice or their choice. Those are the details that would need to be worked out. I am thinking three or four levels of donations levels – 100,000 drops for $25, 200,000 for $50, 400,000 for $100 and 800,000 for $250. Or something like that. Zwift could in turn donate to a charity like People for Bikes or Trips for Kids or, heck, to my local bike advocacy group, BikeAthens!

What do you think? Zwift for good!

Better option: 100,000 drops for 1 month free zwifting :slight_smile:

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I can’t see this happening. Certainly not at those numbers. Zwift would potentially be paying out more than they get in subscription fees every month.

Considering normal drop rates, it’s possible to get 30,000 or more for an hour of effort. So 4 hours of riding and you’ve earnt over 100,000 - i.e. more than the monthly subscription. Many riders will earn more than a million drops in a month. That’s potentially $250 cost every month for a rider only paying in $15 in fees.

Not forgetting you get 100,000 drops for some levels (10, 20, 30 etc.) and 25,000 for others (5, 15, 25…).

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soooooo, 1 Mio drops for 1 month zwifting? :thinking:

True. My suggested numbers may not be feasible, but as I noted the details would need to be hammered out. But the idea–what about the idea of donating drops for dollars?

I think it’s a noble idea, but I think they’ll be much more comfortable with the more well-defined types of charitable donations they already make, like $1 for everyone riding the Greipel ALS ride tomorrow, up to a limit of $10,000.

They’ve done matched donations in the past as well, but the liabilities are either capped, or limited in terms of the time frame of qualifying rides. Mostly I think they tend to be “hit this target and we’ll donate this amount”; the Ride With Reason series is one example (

It’s a lot more predictable than maybe paying $10,000 one month, $20,000 the next, $2,000 the next etc.

Of course, they could do this and put a cap on the amount they’re willing to donate. So you give your 100,000 drops and that contributes $5 towards a total. If it’s $3,732 at the end of the month they donate that; if it’s $7,193 they donate the $5,000 cap. So yeah, I think it could be made to work if there’s enough demand for it.


Thank you for making me aware of the Ride With Reason series! I was not familiar with it; I will look into it.

And thank you for your thoughtful analysis on how a feature like this might work. I appreciate it! I am not tied to any particular way the feature works other than I would prefer an option to donate my drops rather than buying a new kit!

Thanks again, Daren. Ride on!!

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Sure, why not? Here’s an example from Eric of ZwiftInsider:


Quite quickly, really. In a recent 90 minute workout on the Road to Sky route I earned just over 58,000 Drops with an average power of 228 watts for the ride. This calculates out to an hourly Drop rate of around 39,000.

If I ride at that pace for an hour every day of the week I’ll earn ~270,000 Drops weekly, or over 14 million Drops annually.

I meant, that if i spend my 1 Mio. drops, I get one month free zwifting from Zwift HQ. Like the promo-code they give with some new trainers.

It’d be good for people’s fitness, probably. Less so for Zwift’s pockets. :wink:

Thats will be to nice for us :joy::joy::joy: