Does Zwift use/install ActiveState

I’ve recently started using my work laptop to run Zwift , due to the requirement for Win 10 from the latest version update , and I’ve just received a notification from my IT that I’m using something called ActiveState which requires a corporate license, now I haven’t installed ActiveState myself and I’m not aware I’m using it and the only software I’ve installed recently is Zwift so I’m just trying to find out if Zwift uses ActiveState to understand if I need to remove it or not. Any one in the community know anything about this?
Thanks Paul

I don’t see it on my PC and given my 5 minute google of what it is I doubt it’s used. Sounds more like a product your company IT developers would use. I guess no harm letting them uninstall it if zwift breaks you will soon find out :stuck_out_tongue:

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As you say I don’t see it on my PC in the uninstall programs list so don’t know how I’d (or my IT) would go about removing it. It looks like it’s used in application development so I’m wondering if there’s a package which is part of ActiveState that is licensed and is integrated in the final Zwift coding somewhere