Does Zwift throttle your ride in events

Hi, can someonw help me? Just lately when i enter a event it seems harder than a free ride on the same circuit. Did london circuit today stolen goat group D, i was putting out 350watts on a 3 % drag on Whitehall section @ 148rpm15mph! Going backward out the bunch! This also happened in a glorious gravel event i had to pedal hard down hill on jungle circuit.yet i did the route in traning before and the trainer slackened off in the fee ride route. His it because of my ftp been 230 almost a A? And zwift thorttles me over D, C riders. I entered stolen goat today at 1pm D for recovery! But it was25/27mph! Suppise to be 2wpk but it was 3.5wpk! Yours paul

No, Zwift doesn’t throttle you back.

A few things to check:
trainer is calibrated/spin down
bike choice, what bike are you using in game?
trainer is paired correctly as power and controllable

Yep paired and calibrated, correct bike. Use a elite directo.

I don’t see your ride in London on the companion app, were you logged in as someone else perhaps with a different weight and height?

Its the stolen goat event at 1pm today its on zwift power. Height correct, weight 75kg says i almost a A.

Strange that it isn’t showing up on the companion app, maybe that has something to do with the issues you are experiencing?

Ahh my rides not been saving just lately, dont know why i clicked save.

also the little lightning bolt next to your name on Zwiftpower is green (live data) which is another clue that the ride isn’t saving properly. You may want to run a log file through to see what you see, it will tell you if you are having network issues.

Hi, no there’s no lightning next to my name.
The stolen goat ride saved in zwift power.but it’s not in the activities folder in zwift in the files i have added that folder in Windows inclusion list defender in case it’s blocking it.

if you join an “anti-sandbagging” event then you can get hit with a “green cone of shame” which will throttle your power. this isn’t live in normal events though.

check individial event descriptions - just cos it says “D” doesn’t automatically mean 2.0-2.5wkg, every event has their own Cat system. no idea what event “stolen goat” is.

p.s. FTP of 230w at 75kg is nowhere close to Cat A lol

Are these group rides, group workouts, or meetups? If it’s a group ride or race your speed shouldn’t be throttled. If it’s a workout or meetup with “keep everyone together” enabled then yes, it will slow you down to keep the group together.