Does Zwift support even exist?

Noise free environment. We are capable of troubleshooting ourselves… And entirely not the point. Sounds like you are desperate to find causes other than the spaghetti code unravelling.

To describe members of this forum who are trying to assist you as ‘worthless’ is derogatory.

Whilst I along with others are happy to try and offer support it should not be at the cost of being insulted.


You are going to be easily insulted when you read something into it and make it about yourself.

Here is an ongoing problem. We haven’t seen any Zwift support. Show us the value of community support.

Please keep this civil. If you want help make a post and ask for help.


Thanks Gerrie, the inflammatory post has been removed.

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I have never had an issue with their support. I contacted them recently for an issue, and within 24hrs they came back with a response telling me exactly how to fix the issue.