Does Zwift support even exist?

Has somebody ever managed to chat with Zwift support? I waited over an hour and got no answer. I also gout no aswer to a request via the support form in 2-3 weeks. Why the heck am I paying for it?

What issue(s) are you having? There is a lot of helpful people on the Forums that could assist you.

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I also think there is no official support. Only helpful community members.

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When I do a workout but deselect ERG mode in order to pace manually with gears and cadence, I only get about 200W resistance no matter how big the gear ist or how fast I pedal. “just ride” and ERG mode work normally. So I guess it has to do with what Zwift sends to the trainer.
Setup: Elite Direto XR (newest firmware), tried on laptop and iPad (separately, with the other far away), did the calibration of the trainer multiple times. No change.
If Zwift is a Kickr-only app, they should write that down somewhere. Frustating.

Zwift isn’t just a Kickr only app. My Tacx Neo will testify for that.

When you say you are placing your other device far away I have a feeling you have two devices logged into Zwift which may confuse things? Make sure you log in on one device only.

How are you turning off erg? Are you doing this via the companion app or are you deselecting it when you pick your workout?

Use the companion app incline button to add resistance. Or the onscreen menu bar clicking the up arrow.

The online chat I’ve not seen working recently but they are usually pretty quick to respond to the web form.

Only issue being they have outsourced 1st level support to Zwift ambassadors which for a lot of things are pretty good but anything out the normal they have to forward on the request to actual Zwift support staff member that might take a day or two to get back to you by email.
And there comes the next issue they reply by email from a mailbox that does not accept replies so if it’s an ongoing support issue you have to fill the webform in again and the circle continues. .

Don’t keep emailing Support they’ll send you to the back of the queue each time

I have deselected ERG mode in the screen where I picked the workout. Good idea to try the other way. (even if I’d still considder it a bug if only one works)

I noticed that, too. And they only tell you that your answer went to the dumpster after you spent half an hour trying to explain and sending the mail. This makes the support virtually non-existant. If I find an alternative that works for me, I’m out. That’s not how to treat paying customers.


And that is one of the backwards things about Zwift (non) Support.

It seems to me that Zwift does everything it can to bury support requests. That includes outsourcing to so called ambassadors. Code for too cheap to provide proper support so they give it to internet wannabes regurgitating the same over and over.

21 weeks, I’ll be back on my trainer at 28-30 weeks and I am looking at all of the options. Zwift is on my list, but I am looking at the endless unresolved bugs, as someone else put it, “spaghetti code” and lack of support as major negatives. If I find something else that works for me I’ll use it.

I don’t agree that ambassadors are internet wannabes. It’s a tad offensive to be honest.

They and people here try to help where possible as part of a community rather than for aspirational purposes.

Are you actually a Zwift user? If so what issues are you encountering?


Hi Christian,

It looks like we’ve sent you a couple of emails in relation to the issue you’re experiencing. Did those come through to the email address you use to login with?

Yes and no. My account is inactive, but I occasionally use one of my club’s accounts. Dedicated ATVs (that are maintained), random crashes, hangs, lost data, trainer and sensor issues… One thing fixed another breaks. Common problems repeated. Just when I think I have a stable version a new version comes out, the old becomes unstable and I am back where I started with the update.

Be offended. lol There is more to life.

I’d maybe ask the club to look at their setup then. If you’re experiencing all of those issue then something must be wrong.

Yes, they came after I contacted you on Twitter. I tried to answer but got an automatic reply that my answer will not be forwarded to support. I assume this means that support is a one way road. You submit a question, you get an answer and it’s finished. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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I don’t know how much support really read and analyze the problem before just sending a boiler plate reply. I’m trying to resolve an issue with them now which I’m fairly sure is a bug with the training plan schedules. The first response I got was that it could be to do with the clocks changing, but if it kept happening to contact them again. It did happen again so I contacted them and then just got a boiler plate reply that doesn’t match the issue I’m having and looks like the person responding hasn’t read the entire issue.

Same boat here, this morning I have PM one of the mods here asking what is the best way to get support for issues as posts on forums go months with no update or reply and the ambassadors seem to only have stock answer.

At what point do Zwift introduced bugs get to the point they are a detriment to the service.


Club account, often my ATV.

Often when I have an issue I start with reset of up to date ATV, clean install Zwift. Sometimes it fixes it, sometimes not.
Actual club ATVs get same fix when they misbehave.

When I cancelled my subscription I already had two or three months of well documented problems.

Your “must be your fault” response is the sort of deflection I expect from forum and Zwift support. Worthless!


Is this ATV at your home or in a “club”? What is the environment like? To me a club means a gym or health club, is this what you are referring to? If so, is the environment busy with other devices, people on phones with Bluetooth earbuds, fluorescent lighting, etc… lots of signals around that could interfere with the trainer?