Does the Trial only offer limited Routes?

(Dev Joubert) #1


I want to test Zwift before paying for it, however I would like to do the Route to sky but when i login and attempt to choose that, it doesnt come up as an option.


Is this because the trial has limited available routes?

(Adrien Lantieri) #2

Hi Dev,

It’s not the trial version that has limited routes, it is rather your level in the game.

In order to access the jungle you need to be at least level 10, and in order to access the Alpe du Zwift (which actually starts from the jungle) you need to be at least level 12. That is the same for everyone, trial version or not.

You can however access both routes if you were accompanied by someone with the right level, or as part of a race or group workout that goes on these routes.

Ride on!