Does not sync. OnePlus 6

(Christian) #1

Hi I just finished my second ride on Android beta with my OnePlus 6 and stages gym bike. Everything worked fine except when I finished the trianining the metrics on the first workout is faulty. It claims I rode for 1h 15 min when i actually just rode 8 min.

My second work out was 30-32 minutes but even though I finished the structured work out and hit save. It hasn’t been registered on the site, but I can see some info in the app that I have ridden that work out before.

(Paul) #2

On the Zwift Companion App I see 2 recent rides by you:
1 Yesterday for 2.56 miles for 9m23s
1 today for 10.9 miles for 30m44s

What do you see when you go here:

(Christian) #3

this is all I see

Edit: I think I might have 2 accounts… facepalm

Edit2: yes this was the case. I were logged in to the wrong account…this was emberessing.