Does deleteing a session affect earned mileage/feet climbed

Hi everyone,

When riding in zwift for an hour and then quitting, if I don’t save the ride and just delete it in the trash does this affect the mileage/feet climbed accrued?

Thanks for any help


AFAIK, yes.


When you affirmatively save & upload your session, you are telling the servers to save that session’s data. This matters a great deal if you’re trying to accrue distance / elevation toward one of the Challenges

If you trash the session, you affirmatively terminate the session and tell the server that you don’t want to keep that data in your activity history.

The reason I asked is I was trying to test a Wahoo Roam I recently purchased. I used Training Peaks (TP) to plan a workout, the Roam would load the workout, after the workout the Roam would upload done workout back to TP.

Before I purchased the Roam, I had setup Zwift the same way. So when I finished my session I didn’t allow Zwift to save my workout because I didn’t want 2 files uploaded to my TP account.

Thank you for the clarification. I appreciate the responses.