Does course matter for FTP test?

When you do the 20 minute FTP course does it matter what course you ride? If so, what is the best course (i.e. flattest) for doing this?


yes, it does matter. If you’re going for flat courses I think everything but Innsbruck will do. I personally would go for a long climb when FTP testing, because it’s hard to pedal max. watts on even slight descents of -1 or -2%. on uphill it’s just easier to put in everything you’ve got. So I’d go for the Innsbruck climb or the Watopia Epic KOM, making sure that the warm up is on flat, and 20 minutes FTP start right at the beginning of the climb. Just make sure there is no steep descent before the 20 minutes are over. However if you wanna go flat with the least amount of smaal climbs and descents (range -2 to 2 %) I’d go for a London course.

It only matters if you do a 20min-max test in free-ride (sim mode).

If you do the FTP test, or FTP test(shorter) in workouts, it doesn´t matter at all. There, the resistance changes on hills are removed for the test bit.