Does anyone know how to activate the fourth challenge?

Does anyone know how to activate the fourth challenge?

Attached reference image.

There actually isn’t a fourth challenge.

jajajaj . ok thanks!!

@Nigel_Tufnel is just messing with you, to access the 4th challenge you first have to earn the tron bike, get all the route badges and achievements including the hidden ones, get to level 50, beat Eric Min in a race, delete your Strava account, and ride up ven-top on a mountain bike in under 90 minutes. Then it will be available, and it will blow your mind it is so amazing!


Yep, I can confirm this.

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Waow, I´m sooo close - only one missing! Can´t wait! :rofl:

You missed a few: Get over 100,000km on Zwift and earn over 40 million drops

This only works if you stop exactly on 100,000km and then get off your bike but leave it logged in for 40 minutes.

And only if you hit 100,000 km on April 1st

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You forgot you need to complete the Everesting badge 40 times in within 10 days

This kind of sounds like a Ling Ling challenge.

does it matter which side of the bike that I get off?