Does anybody use the Kommander?

Just read an article about a little device called the Kommander. It’s a little device that hooks onto your handlebars like a bicycle bell and you can program buttons to perform different actions in Zwift. It sounds like a pretty cool thing to have. Does anybody out there use this? How is it?

I tried to post the link to the article but the forums wont let me.

This is a very new product, Keith only had it on his youtube yesterday, so I guess there is very few out there if any.

That’s what I thought, but I wasn’t sure. Ya just never know though. Some people buy up the newest gadget as soon as it hits the market. Was wondering what people here thought of it. To me it sounds like a nice little addition to have on the Zwift rig.

Ridiculously expensive. You can get a BLE media control thingy (with more buttons) with a handlebar clip for about a fourth of the price. Instructions here (I’m using this one myself as well):

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Oh wow… Man, that’s one thing I love about forums. You learn so much about stuff you didn’t even knew existed. That’s one thing I hate about being a newbie. There is so much out there and I am clueless.