Do Zwift actually read this Forum?

As the title questions… do the Zwift employees actually read this forum?

I have been reading on various social media sites, including here regarding ongoing issues with iOS based apps. I have been subject to these over the past 2 weeks or so, from cycling in what can only be described as my virgin white underwear whilst partaking in the Neokyo Badge Hunt rides, whilst other riders were telling me they were in the neon lycra, to the numerous reports of climbing the Alpe and whilst completing the loop at the top in order to gain some easy XP the program freezing and riders losing the ride at worse, or only being able to reach a maximum speed of 20mph on their descent. This problem with a ‘freezing app’ has even been documented on this forum, months ago!

I went down the Apple TV route a couple of months ago, having had none of these issues whilst using iPad, iPhone or MacBook previously. I am now thinking my considerable outlay for the ATV (I only use it for running Zwift on rather than having to cart my portables into the garage/pain cave each time) but am very disappointed with the support offered by the programmers in rectifying these well documented faults in the programming!

If someone from Zwift does actually read this forum, why isn’t anything being done about it?

Yes they do.

Do you have a specific question?

In order to reply to your question prior to you editing… Yes, as stated why was I and everyone else around me (as stated in the OP) wearing plain white, yet others were blazoned in their lovely Neon kit. Also, why did the system freeze as I was completing the loop in order to descend (also explained in the OP) thus making me lose the ride as it didn’t save!

What event was this. What device did you use and what version of the app.

What descent was this, is the related to the Alpe decent, please search the form for this discussion.

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Question 1 - again, as written in the OP - the Neokyo Badge Hunt series - which one… all of them, rides completed on an Apple 4th Generation 4K device whilst using Companion App on Apple iPhone 12, version of the app was the last one and then the updated version that I carried out at the weekend, a day ago)

Question 2 - Yes it is related to the Alpe descent, however not exactly as I never managed to get to get to start the descent in the first place as the program froze and then crashed (even Companion App threw me out once the ATV app gave up!!)

It’s all very good stating to merely ‘Refer to the other discussions on the forum’ but the concerns in these discussions clearly haven’t been acted on by Zwift considering I did exactly what you have ‘told’ me to do, with this being mentioned back in October, yet I have experienced the same issue tonight!

Excellent bit of helpful advice you have provided, thank you!

Have you checked to make sure you are on the latest release of Zwift on your devices?

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Paul, thank you for the more helpful remark - yes, I updated to the latest update lat night, although due to lack of time was unable to actually get on the bike and ride yesterday.

Are you also running the latest release of iOS/iPadOS?

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Yes to iOS, no to iPad, as I don’t use it anymore - the long haired general doesn’t like me sweating all over her device! :sweat_smile:

So, you updated, but didn’t test? Why didn’t you test before coming onto the forums and make a post like this?

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I tested tonight - by climbing the Alpe to see if the frequently reported issues were still there… they are!

You said you didn’t test.

If they are known issues then Zwift knows about them and is working to resolve them.

No, I said I didn’t test yesterday after the update due to not having time, but did so tonight!

It does not seem like this topic is going anywhere. The main question in the title was answered.

The Alpe issue is discussed in the other thread and the white kit is probably an outdated Zwift version.