Do you think Zwift is less social than it was?

(. KeithD [WKG](c) Final Front EAR) #1

It seems that selecting a world to ride in is not going to happen anytime soon, but if it does I would suggest that riders doing workouts be located on a different world to other riders. This makes sense as someone in workout mode is in there own bubble so to speak. I used to just ride around on Zwift and it was a friendly place ride ons a bit of banter and small groups forming pulling each other on. Now it seems seven out of ten are doing workouts.  I don;t mind them doing workouts but the social aspect of just jumping on and finding someone to ride with at your pace has vanished from Zwift. Yes its more structured and you can join a race or a group ride but that may not suit what you want to do at the time. I caught up with a group ride including riders I knew,  while free riding, and rode with them, BUT they could not see me or see any messages I sent. 

(David K) #2

That’s not a bad idea, Kieth. The only real hesitation of offering multiple courses per day at this point is splitting up riders too much and affecting the social aspects of Zwift as a recourse.

We do section-off participants in Group Workouts and Group Races into their own chat room which isn’t accessible by people free riding, but there were a lot of requests for that feature - especially from events where cyclists were being honored. We may be able to turn that into an event feature allowing organizers to pick between a private chat and the public course chat.

I’d suspect you’ll likely see an increase of free riders in the next couple of months as the seasons progress a bit. The social aspects of the game should improve as well, but we’re always interested in constructive feedback and any suggestions aimed at making Zwift a more enjoyable experience are always appreciated. Thanks!

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #3

This depends on where you live. Zwift comes alive during the winter months (in your local time zones). The social aspect of Zwift is held back by the current terrible chat feature. It is unusable without the redundant companion app, which I no longer even bother to run.

Zwift already has the number’s of rider’s for multiple map choices.

Not bashing, just observations.

(S. M.(C)) #4

I do think you see a drop off in riders during the summer months in the northern hemisphere. I do think though there are more doing workouts due to frustrations that have been expressed over and over which in the end there is no solution from Zwift or otherwise. This frustration is with zpower, weight manipulation, incorrectly calibrated equipment, or just plain cheating. By doing a workout you remove yourself from having to mentally deal with those “challenges”.  Search remove riders nearby for PC.  This request is mostly due to all the challenges I mentioned.  People are tired of seeing the “cheaters” so they have moved to doing workouts and isolating themselves. You still see the 15 w/kg and Asian riders all doing 4+ w/kg all ride long but you are focusing on hitting your numbers.   This is just my opinion but a lot of people who ride Zwift I know express this same sentiment.

(David K) #5

That’s a good reason why using Zwift Companion isn’t redundant. Zwift Companion allows riders to report cyclists they suspect of cheating, using incorrectly calibrated equipment, or exploiting Zpower. When riders are flagged multiple times, they automatically receive a flier warning stopping them from participating.

We have no way of enforcing game rules if we aren’t aware of instances in which they’re broken. I’d urge you to please report suspect riders as that’s the only way we can follow-up with them, help them correct their settings, or take further necessary actions.

(P MAC) #6

I agree with S,M,© above. Seems to be lots of cheating on Zwift nowadays and again, mostly by Asian riders. Must be perfectly acceptable to cheat in that part of the world. 

I was neck and neck all the way up Box Hill with a Japanese rider who was pushing out over 280 watts but had a heart rate under 80bpm after 5 mins at this wattage. I will say though that at least he was wearing a heart rate monitor. Most cheats don’t or are on zpower. 

I’m not stating most Asian riders are cheats, though I would say most cheats are Asian riders.

Please feel free to be outraged.


(Paul Allen) #7

Weird, when I ride it seems all the Asian riders are using a power meter or a smart trainer. I have not really notice an uptick in “cheating” recently. I see zPower heroes from all over the world, but I seem to see more from the US when I’m riding.

(. KeithD [WKG](c) Final Front EAR) #8

I am not going to report anyone I suspect as it does not worry me in the least. Early in the life of Zwift, when  free riding you could join up with another riders and then another then you could get a little group all going round. If one or all of them were riding zpower or at a reduced weight it made no difference to the experience. It was fun. When in France I see  small group of riders riding together and some in the group are on Ebikes. Are they having a good time. Yes. Are they cheating? That’s not for me to decide or worry about. If I catch up to a rider who is 100kg but has reduced weight to 80 kg I can still join forces. If I join up with a rider on Zpower. I can ride along and share the load.  If I catch a rider on a workout they may as well be a robot. No interaction, no fun at all. 

(P MAC) #9

It’s not so much the lone zpower riders looking like they weigh 10kg and pushing out 6w/kg non stop minding their own business that bothers me. It’s on group training rides when trying to win a sprint segment or going for the KOM and someone on zpower comes past you doing 15w/kg. It’s a joke unless they’re wearing a HRM to back up such huge efforts. Why do they bother? 

(Mike Day) #10

It’s probably always going to continue happening so don’t get too worried about it. If it bothers you too much just train against your own best times and keep on improving. At least you know your data is realistic so you can see definite improvements in your overall fitness. People cheat in all walks of life, Zwift is just another avenue for them to think they should really be out there kicking Froomes

(. ToeCutter) #11

Hi all, Mike Day just above me said: “just train against your own best times and keep on improving”.

Perhaps I’m overly wishful - because i *have* looked into this - but is there a way to ride against your own best times while being somehow shown those times while you ride?  Like a virtual opponent or some kind of progress graph etc?  The only way I can see to race against yourself is to complete the event, then go back to some third party records in Garmin Connect or a spreadsheet or somesuch.  It doesn’t really help motivate me *during* the ride, as I really don’t know my progress against my previous best in any meaningful way.

Hope this makes sense.  I’d LOVE to be able to challenge myself within Zwift, and it seems a massive oversight that they do not appear to have some kind of feature for this.

(Gerrie Delport) #12

@.ToeCutter you can see your 30PR on every sprint and KOM in the game, that can help you to compete against your self.


Talking about cheating:

It is unfair to assume that all Zpower riders are cheating, some Zpower curves are pretty accurate. You also have to understand there are some people using zwift that never did a race/ride IRL and they don’t know the effort and training it take to be a A rider.  So they don’t realize that they are going a LOT faster than they should. 

Also i would not say Smart trainers are accurate until it has been celibrated against a  power meter that has been calibrated against something with a calibration certificate. 

All electronic devices are fragile if your Power-meter or smart trainer had a big fall in the shipping process it may still work but over or underestimate your effort. 



(. ToeCutter) #13

@.Gerrie Delport: Thanks man - hadn’t noticed this!  Still, I can dream about a ghost rider, can’t I :)  THAT would be fkn awesome!

(Gerrie Delport) #14

O yes you can. :) had the option to turn on a ghost rider, also It was a dot on the map you could chase. 

(. ToeCutter) #15

@.Gerrie Delport: Thanks mate - I’ll look at that!  :slight_smile: