Do not show chat display on User List

(j m. (mgcc)) #1

Was trying to use the User list on the android mobile app.  Aside from being almost impossible to find a user due to the updating it is impossible to get back to yourself when it is busy as the chat display goes over the menu.  I also think that the user list should display the same names as are shown the game screen to make it easy to find someone.

I think that the user list needs work as it is the key way to interact with users during a ride but when you try it becomes very hard.

(R Vigeant_USMES Z50+) #2

Also need to slow down or pause the riders scrolling.  You have to have great timing to click on someone.  should pause the list for a few seconds so you can select someone


(j m. (mgcc)) #3

Yes, I created another post about this.  It need to stop updating in realtime when you are using it, also a sort would be helpful.

I think that you could end up with a nice little dashboard app for a tablet that could show all the users, data etc and make it easy to interact with people.

Right now it is frustrating to use.