Do I need AnT+ dongle for my Tacx Vortex if I did already bougth T2990 upgrade kit for windows

(allan rodriguez) #1


I bought a Tacx Vortex with the T2990 upgrade for Windows, which includes a remote usb to connect readings from my trainer to my PC… Will this be enough to connect to Zwift without the ANT+ dongle usb??? Or shall I buy the ANT+ dongle also?

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(Paul Allen) #2

I think you would still need an Ant+ dongle since the only way to use bluetooth with Zwift is by bridging it using the Zwift app on a phone/tablet. 

I would also suggest getting a USB extension cable so you can put the Ant+ dongle as close to the trainer as possible for improved signal strength. 

(j oey) #3

According the Tacx website the T2990 comes with an ANT+ USB adaptor so you’re all set.

  • With the ANT+ Antenna, you can connect your ANT+ trainer to a computer. This enables you to use software such as the Tacx Trainer software, but also Zwift, TrainerRoad and Bkool, in your trainings. These programmes read out the training data transmitted by the ANT+ trainer.