Do flexible Training Program adapt to development in FTP along the way automatically?

I’m following a 15 week “Build me up” Training program. I’m now into week 5. I was wondering if the training program automatically adjusts to my improvement (assuming there is one) in my FTP during the program, or do I need to manually adjust?

It is recommended to take an FTP test every 4-6 weeks - If the program don’t adjust for any improvements automatically, how do I best fit in an FTP test in a week with already 5 training sessions scheduled as part of the Training program?

Preferably I should have 2 days off the bike before doing an FTP test. Including a rest day I then loose 4 days of the 7 day week - so I will have to skip some of the planned training sessions :expressionless:

Hope for some advice :slight_smile:

Zwift automatically adjusts your FTP when it measures one. Over a period of 20 minuts minimum, your average W/Kg has to be higher than your current FTP. This is the case when riding a, for example, group ride. It happend to me a few times in the last couple of weeks. During a training programme I am not entirely sure but I think it works the same way.

Ajusting manually would be strange because you will have to guess…

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You don’t need to do an FTP test during a training plan unless it’s part of the plan. The “build me up” plan gets increasingly harder, accounting for your gains in strength and fitness. Weeks 6 to 11 have a lot more stress points on average than weeks 0 to 5.


I would say that if Zwift after a group ride show a message that an increase of FTP has been detected then for allmost sure you have underestimated your FTP.

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You are correct. My latest FTP test is from March this year. I noticed I’ve grown much this summer and in September/October. This week I have a FTP test in my schedule just to figure out how much exactly :grin:. After this week I want to do a propper (winter)training with regular FTP tests. Hopefully no more surprises for me :thinking:

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