Do all bikes ride the same in the draft?

This is a question about CdA not rolling resistance or weight

We know that different bike/wheel set ups have a different CdA and move at different speeds in the absence of any draft for any given power.

When you are in the draft does this still happen or is it only weight, rider height (?) and rolling resistance from tire choice that affects speed if all else is equal


Good question… I would assume that since each frame/wheels has different CdA characteristics, that such effects would still apply in the draft (though not in the same way as if the rider was solo). I would be surprised (even shocked) if aerodynamic properties were all made the same when in draft- that is, it would be as though everyone-in-draft’s bike CdA was the same
So someone on the Zwift Carbon/32mm wheels would be facing more air resistance than someone on the Venge S-works/DT Swiss 1100s Disc would, both in draft and in no draft.
As for the actual changes to how much a given aero advantage from one setup to another helps you, I would venture that the effects on speed would be proportionate to the effects out of the draft. But IDK.

Some of the bikes are quicker than others, Venge and DT Swiss disc is a fast combination on flat courses.

The buffalo bike also seems suspiciously fast on flat courses. People like using it with the disc wheels.

With the slower Frame/Wheels you will need to put out more Watts in Draft than with the faster setup.