DJ/Coffeebar bike, and DJ/Coffeebar beacons

Today on the team/club Vikings Valhalla rides we offer a “coffee/tea/drink service” where riders can order something to drink from the barista by the chat, and receive the virtual drink through the chat. We also offer a “music service” where a DJ announces music played, and riders can play the music from a playlist.

It would be great for us to have the coffee service better visible.

Similarily, it would be great for us to have the music service better visible.

Thank you very much for making Zwift, and letting us make these proposals.

Best regards
Arne Riiber
Co lead on the weekly Vikings Valhalla Monday Magic

Great idea!

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Haha, love the idea!!! :star_struck:

Great bike for sweeping :slight_smile:


Sounds fun. Every time I pass what was “Dutch corner” on the 2019 Worlds course, I think it’s a shame they’re not blaring out Link Rechts by Snollebollekes. :wink:

If you need good coffee… :slight_smile: Ride on!