Distance to Pace Partner is... confused

When riding ahead of a Pace Partner, two different distances are sometimes displayed.

Which is it? 20 m or 44 m?

The time gaps to riders in the “Zwifters Nearby” list also seem wonky.

I always thought the longer distance was the actual distance back to the pacer bot and the shorter distance was the one to stay within the zone to continue getting the bonus drops…but you seem to be getting the bonus anyway, or did that stop if you stayed that far out front?

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Zwift seems to have made the “distance to pace partner” requirement significantly more forgiving than it was initially. I eventually drifted back and didn’t lose the bonus multiplier.

If it works as you describe then I should alter the title of this thread from “confused” to “confusing”.

Yeah, I believe the shorter zone is the distance you are away from the zone, and if you no longer have the return the pacer warning and get too far ahead, your progress bar will disappear after around 5-10 seconds.