Distance forecasts

I have started a half-marathon training activity and today i did a 5k to set a benchmark time.
At the end of the run, the data were used to project likely times for other dustances.
The summary at the end of the activity indicated that a graphic showing these times would be saved.
However, on Strava and Companion the record of the run appears, but not the extrapolated times for other distances.
Can i find this anywhere?

If you start a run, and go into Menu → Public Profile (which is the orange pen/paper icon under your name in the upper left section of the menu), you should find an option to see / change your times for 1mi, 5km, 10km, half and full marathons.

The initial pause menu screen will also list best efforts for 400m, 800m, 1km and 1mi in case you like to make a note of these elsewhere.

Many thanks

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