Distance differences between Milestone App and Zwift App?

I couldn’t help but notice that the distances transferred from the Zwift Pod to the Zwift App are different from those sent from the Zwift Pod to the Milestone App.
I noticed this very concretely in my last two runs. The Milestone App matches my treadmill except for a few meters, in Zwift I ran around 600m more for every 10k. And that despite calibration.

Does anyone know any advice? Is it being worked on?

Many thanks in advance

Hi @Kai_Moldenhauer

Have you calibrated both apps independently to the Zwift Pod? The apps handle calibration differently. If you’re calibrated on Zwift, that calibration doesn’t transfer over to to MSP. You may need to calibrate on MSP to match more closely.
Distance discrepancies between the two can vary since they work differently. Zwift uses real-time data, while Milestone Pod app uses stored data.

Lastly - I’m not sure if you had heard, but the Milestone app has reached its end of life. There’s a thread that discusses Zwift’s business reasons for discontinuing development of this app.

Hi. Can you please let me know how to use the runpod and Zwift app for outdoor running.

Zwift is designed to be used indoors.

You can use Zwift outdoors, but you need to make sure you have a full charge on your battery, dim the screen and do other battery saving measures.