Disqualified for getting dropped!?

Hello forums,
I was just doing a ZHQ Anti-Sandbagging Crit (and I wasn’t doing well). Anyway I was stuggleing up the little clim in the middle of the course and I was getting dropped, next thing I know was Zwift was telling me to level up!!! Now I’m a junior and I’m 31kg so I respect the fact that I will have to do more W/KG to keep up with the heavier riders… but it’s really annoying when you get disqualified even though your not at any advantage doing more W/kg! I’m sure there are many other people having the same problem, so I’m hoping something could be done about this.

I would say don’t do those ZHQ Anti-Sandbagging Crit events. Stick to the normal races. The ZHQ Anti-Sandbagging does not cope well with light riders or young riders.