Display more workout interval detail in left-hand panel

I’ve been doing a lot of workouts this year. And one thing that has consistently bugged me is how Zwift collapses the intervals list, only expanding some of the grouped intervals when you actually start them.

Two examples:

First: this list of intervals is actually very short, but Zwift still didn’t expand the 2x35 min set at the bottom until I hit it. I have no way of knowing if there’s a rest interval between, etc until I hit the interval. With such a short set of intervals for this workout, it seems sensible to just display all of it.

Second: I don’t have a screenshot of this, but when doing over/under intervals, sometimes my coach has the first interval at a lower wattage than the second (so under/over, I suppose). This one really gets me, because the interval summary only shows the first interval (the easy one) until I actually start it, then it shows the higher wattage portion. Surprise! You’re going to be in a lot of pain soon!

My suggestions:

  1. Display more intervals, expanding every interval you can
  2. If you can’t fit every single interval on the screen, at least expand the next upcoming combined set of intervals so you know what you’re in for.

I wholeheartedly agree with this. Please expand the intervals on Zwift and the companion app.

I would like to see this, also. The only reason I can think of why they don’t show all of the internals is that they don’t want to give you a ‘star’ if you don’t complete the entire 2x5, or 3x4, or whatever the grouping is. Personally I don’t think that’s a great reason, but others might feel differently.

I wholeheartedly agree!