Display Features/ Mac Version/ Music Features

(HBG Christo) #1

1/ DATA FIELDS whilst riding should be RIDER OPTIONS

          a/ DATA FIELDS should include Calories/ 3sec Ave/ 10sec etc…/ Cad Aves.

Whilst GROUP RIDING requires Watts/ kg and the lists on either side

  … this idea assumes 

                         EVERYONE WANTS IT ALL THE TIME !!!

Please consider other choices which allow for display alternatives.

The Garmin Head Units allow people to look at all sorts of data sets.

I’m sure there is a proper way of negotiating through this without treating everyone the same.


2/ The Mac version of GoZwift seems to

          a/ Hang too much on start up

          b/ Quitting the app seems too violent

                     - App should upload too Strava BEFORE it quits

3/ Whilst the natural sound effects ARE nice and interesting

          a/ Incorporating Spotify would be helpful 



4/ Within the context of Espresso Club bikes and other ExerGaming attempts which haven’t really taken off, it’s to Zwift’s credit that it’s actually gone on and succeeded … yet it also relies on the good will of the riders …

Please don’t behave like Apple where they decide they don’t have to listen.

I don’t know all the answers, but the straight jacket is not something ANYONE wants … particularly when your doing 4-6 hours.

5/ I don’t understand the riding courses and why they seem the same all the time.


Thankyou for your efforts and it’s Kudos to Zwift … but the target is still moving.