Display Drafters

In the list of active riders on the right side of the screen, would be great to see a symbol of sorts to indicate if someone is currently drafting.


I agree - why? If you see a group of people the same time behind or in front of you or your group, I think it’s safe to assume one or more is drafting. You can also tell from their power output. If the lead rider is putting out 4+w/kg and the rest of group significantly less, they are drafting.

Why? Several reasons:

Maybe I’d like to try a peloton-style ride. As per Jim’s comment, I can certainly see a drafting group within LoS, but I can’t see on the other side of the island. If I can identify a group somewhere, I can wait to join them as they come around.

A 7-minute lap time solo [not equal to sign] a 7-minute lap time in a rotating leader peloton. For a reality check while riding solo, would be good to see if the leaderboard is attainable solo, or if it is the result of groupwork.

This ties to my other feature request for % of time drafting. If I set a PB for any given segment, it would be helpful for training reasons to understand if it is a realistic, solo training improvement, or if that was the ride that I drafted quite a bit. It’s really around personal benchmarking and tracking.