Dispaly is not working

I am using a tablet paired to my Wattbike for my Zwift trial. However I cannot get the virtual ride to display full screen on the tablet and when I start the FTP test it will not work. Am i doing something wrong?

What tablet are you referring to?

Did you download the Zwift App or the Zwift Companion App?

Paul, I am using an Android tablet. Huawei Media Pad T3 10.

I have downloaded Zwift and Companion but is the Zwift app that I am referring to here.

Cheers, John

John Brothers

OK, I don’t use the Android app, but I will try and assist.

I could use some additional info though.

Can you post a screenshot showing the Zwift App not in full screen.

What do you mean by “when I start the FTP test it will not work”? Maybe posting a screenshot of the paring screen would be helpful.

What sensors/trainer are you connecting to Zwift?

Ok I will take the shots you asked for and send them on.

The device I am pairing is Wattbike Atom and the pairing has functioned.

Cheers, John

John Brothers

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Are you seeing watt changes in the pairing screen?