Disconnection and high CPU usage issues

(Dom Pom) #1

I started using Zwift as part of the beta group several months ago and all was good generally until today.

I had stopped for a month + due to traveling and just did a ride today.


I unusually experienced extremely frequent disconnections during that short ride of 10km, that made it impossible to continue.
CPU usage was running anything between 90 to 140%.
Not great. Can’t think of becoming a paying member with that experience.
also one suggestion, don’t let your app start full screen. I have a 30 inch screen and that’s way too big, and taxing on graphics. Manually i need to drag the window smaller each time… irritating …


CPU = Mac mini server 2Ghz intel core i7 mid 2011 with intel graphics 3000 512MB, updated recently to 10.11.1
Ant+ dongle, wahoo kickr