Disconnecting, has something changed

Has something changed in the latest release that might cause serial disconnects. I’ve had more in the last week than in the previous two years. That’s the game app disconnecting from the server (I assume) and the companion app disconnecting from the game app too.

In the last hour I’ve had two game connections lost and the companion app lose focus and jump back to the Home Screen three times.

Anyone else having similar issues?

I have noticed this, also. Very strange.

Same here.

Just the once (so far) during Tuesday’s “Race Like A Pro”. Lasted for about 10 secs, or so. Memorable for me because I “never” get disconnects (so long as I don’t use the ZC as a Bluetooth bridge).

I’m losing ZCA more than I’ve ever seen. No change the my network but ZCA either freezes or it displays the map but all the data goes blank.

I rode Country to Coastal on Wednesday and especially on the slot canyon road (but not just there) I seemed to keep losing the connection on and off all the time - no message on the screen, but all other riders would keep disappearing and reappearing (on screen and on ZC). I completed the ride fine though.

When it happened to me, the “connection lost” message popped-up (top LHS of HUD).

An extremely unusual event with my usually bullet-proof ATV set-up (maybe 2nd or 3rd time in 2 years)?