Disappointment growing slowly but surely

(A Oosthuizen (C)) #1

Lately zwift seems to be going downhill. If this was a beta platform or opensource I would gladly use it as it is but really, for a paying service you surely must consider doing better.

You offer half a solution when it comes to racing function. The results pop up at then end and then you absolve yourself from it all. It is up to 3rd parties to take it further. Great so what is the problem? Problem is that these 3rd parties are counting on you to make the information available and as we know something as simple as GDRP has you spinning like a top. While the WHOLE world knew and prepared for this you did… I’m wondering?

While everybody acknowledges the complexity of simulating real-world conditions you seem to be doing a sterling job until that is when we get to something as obvious as an uphill where you have people stuck in a bubble that are visibly going quicker. There is not real complex physics at play here. You slow, me fast so let me pass!

And then we have your annoying Forget Me option. I can count the times that I did not have to retype my password on a single hand (I lost 2 fingers in a bear fight).

Finally, you decide to swap the alphabet around, thinking D is before C. Good thing you gave up on the nursery startup.


(Vincent W.) #2

As always we definitely appreciate the feedback! We’ve received a lot feedback and requests for in house features similar to zwiftpower.com, so we have kept our eyes on it. In Zwift we want you to feel like you’re really riding with other people (and you are!) although with workouts riders are going at a unique pace with unique settings. So we still want them to be apart of the world, riding alongside other Zwifters but we understand that sometimes it can look abnormal from the perspective of free riders. 

The login (remember me) issues are being monitored and investigated and you can follow that progress here: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004917452

Edit: The classes “D” and “C” being swapped around is a bug that we are monitoring, thank you for the heads up! 

I love the passion you have for these improvements so feel free to voice your questions and concerns! Remember, we’re always looking for ways to improve. :) 

(Derek Rush [RaceWBR]) #3

You guys at Zwift have got to get this GDRP crap figured out soon so Zwiftpower can get back online. Racing is really the only thing Zwift has going for it, and I’m amazed that you don’t take it more seriously and put more emphasis on it. If I want a free ride I go outside. If I want a structured workout there are more suitable applications like Trainer Road or Sufferfest.

(Jim Peyton, *TFC Racing * (C)) #4

The non-answer is troubling. GDRP directive was given a very long window in order to allow EU  countries to comply Zwift was in the loop and dropped the ball. I’m echoing the statement above – racing is THE reason for me to use Zwift. I have been doubly “blessed” by having arrived on the platform the same week it began charging USD 16.95/month as opposed to USD 9.95. You (Zwift) have hosed three separate race series in which I was participating, including the one sponsored by my team, Team TFC. Publish a timetable and offer credits for the month-long cluster #### we’ve endured.

(Nick Keat) #5

  Another unhappy racer here - this is the only reason I am paying for zwift in the summer, and the experience is a lot poorer without ZP

(Julian White) #6

I couldn’t agree more with above.

Zwiftpower is a great tool and without it - it is not the same experience.  Especially when you consider you are paying $20 a month.


The racing is good, but it has the potential to be so much better:

  1. More variety.  There should definitely be more races on the new Alpe du Zwift route

  2. Participating is fading. Likely at least in part due to failure of Zwiftpower

  3. Stats that just disappear. It’s insane there isnt ranking or some other motivation to try and continue to race

As an organization you can continue to cruise along but beware, if you don’t continue to improve, you will lose your fan base

(Andre Hufschmid) #7

I absolutely don’t agree with people saying there are better solutions out there. Name me one…Zwift has tons of great features and they are growing from update to update. They have tons of roads, workouts and plans. As a matter of fact i create my own workout i don’t need a structure plan.

And for the ones that say they don’t need Zwift to do a normal ride because you go outside, well so do i but what if you have to work late, its cold, windy, stormy, freezing cold, 3am in the morning or just plain shitty weather? I personally love Zwift, its changed the way i train because i don’t have any restrictions anymore in a fun and entertaining environment.

PS: Face the fact, Zwift simply does not have any competition and thats why you guys are here. Who wants to ride in a freaken insane boring environment seeing the exact same boring video over and over again. Nobody. Zwift is always different.

(A Oosthuizen (C)) #8

Andre, I don’t really think people are saying that there are better options out there, which btw there are, but none at the moment covers the breadth of zwift. If you are only looking for a specific thing you can find it outside zwift but the majority of us wants more variety whether it is the ability to ride with friends in different parts of the world or racing in a league. I think it is more about offering something that users pay for and then not delivering on it. I use zwift and 3 other platforms of which 2 are free.But it’s obviously each to their own and we cannot tell other how they must feel about the value they get for their money.